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Agi Diva Ventures

I am Agi Anderson, the Digital Diva, I have come to learn it’s not just about where you live, but how you live. I am all about loving the life you live! This Digital Diva who enjoys selling the property on the Florida Space Coast also shares ventures outside of real estate.


Agi Diva Ventures

In addition to selling property fast in Brevard County, my Digital Diva Ventures revolve around living a healthy, happy prosperous life, traveling in the USA and abroad, shopping ventures online. Drop by  where I offer great deals with shopping, travel and health-related products.

Wait there’s one more venture! I partner with Bobbie Vance at Local Florida Online, which produces a video directory to help local businesses leverage YouTube. Local Florida Market Place playlist serves retail, restaurants and specialty shops and Local Florida Business Experts playlist is ideal for business professionals.

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Stay tuned, soon I will be sharing travel deals at Holiday Vacation Places, be sure to follow our feeds … we share on Holiday Vacation PlacesFacebook  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest Google+  Youtube


Healthy lifeAlso share ventures with healthy living at Healthy Life Advocate, Your Healthy on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest Google+  Youtube

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