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Sell Property Space CoastI often wonder who’s thinking, ” should I buy a bigger house?” One of my real estate peers in the northeast, Bill Massy did an excellent job with his post regarding move-up buyers. Bill asked, “do you know the signals that it may be time to move on from your current home? Recent surveys indicate that homeowners move to new homes around once every decade.” It holds fairly true for homeowners in Brevard County, FL.

For some people, that may sound like quite a long time. For others who live on the Florida Space Coast, it may seem surprisingly short.

The truth is that knowing when to change homes is a very personal decision—one that you have to weigh carefully before coming to a final choice. After all, selling takes work, and so does buying.

But it is hard to deny the excitement that comes from such significant changes. Maybe now is the time for you? One of the questions many people ponder is how to know when it’s the right time to downsize. There are also a significant amount of people who will wonder if now is the time to upgrade as well. Read More

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