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In the past two decades, I’ve have been featured three times in Florida Realtor Magazine as a tech-savvy real estate broker. It’s a top priority to constantly sharpen my tech skills. I utilize social media, digital networking along with video and have more than 50,000 views on my YouTube channel.

My sales track record proves I typically sell & close my listings in 90 days or less.

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Agi Anderson, the Digital Diva
SELLS PROPERTY FAST on the Space CoastAgi Anderson Zillow Reviews

Sell fast is typically what most sellers want whether they are selling a personal residence or an investment property. However, all properties are not on an equal playing field in the real estate market. A distressed property listing has different facets than a standard listing. This Digital Diva and her team sell property fast for the best price, terms, and conditions using my proven Sell Fast Tips just put “send selling tips” in What can I help you with contact form.

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I started on the web in the 90’s with the inception of the Internet being used for business. The real estate industry has changed drastically in the last two decades and I made it a priority to grow with technology. I am Agi Anderson, the Digital Diva and I have been selling properties for sale as a Florida real estate broker since 1994. Marketing that worked back in the day, like monthly magazines, the local newspaper and ads on bus benches are no longer effective in this digital age. It takes more than the power of the Internet to get property SOLD FAST! Selling fast requires the right selling strategies coupled with tech-savvy marketing to get properties sold in today’s sophisticated real estate market.

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Experienced with Selling FastAgi Anderson Zillow Premier Agent

As a seasoned, experienced Realtor,  I pride myself not just with being a tech savvy digital broker, but also being a distressed property expert, selling short sales, helping owners in pre-foreclosure and other sensitive situations. My designation as a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) has served me well. Much of my business in the past 10 years, has been helping owners in mortgage distress and selling properties with short sales. As the real estate market stabilized I came up with revised strong strategies to sell property fast. Just complete the info on the right and I will send you my 7 Sell Fast Tips.

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