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No Showings? Your Home May be Overpriced

home overpriced to sellNo Showings? Your Home May be Overpriced. Sharon Paxson a Newport Beach Real Estate Agent wrote an excellent post, 10 Signs that Your Home May be Overpriced. Matters not if your home is in New Port Beach or Melbourne Beach on the Space Coast. An overpriced property is the same no matter where you’re at in the USA.

Basing Your List Price on Internet Estimates or Zestimates

Many home sellers will look at Zestimates or internet estimates to establish a value of their home. Zestimates are broad guidelines of the value of the home and do not take into account the upgrades, condition and more. Internet estimates are often incorrect with regards to the value of the home.

A top Realtor® will perform a comparative market analysis of the neighborhood and document the individual differences which impact value. Some of the items that can be reflected in the value are the size of the lot, the square footage of the home, the number of bedrooms, condition of the house, remodeled and upgraded kitchen and bathrooms. Having upgraded kitchen and bathrooms is beneficial because those remodels generally cost the most amount of money. If a buyer can move into a home with these renovations already done, those upgrades will appeal to more buyers. Read more contact Agi Anderson

Pricing a property properly is one of the main points in my FREE Sell Fast Guide. The longer a property sits on the market for sale, the more buyers will avoid the property wondering, “what’s wrong with it” and more than likely submit low ball offers if you get any at all. Price is a factor but there are other factors that help a property sell fast. You can request my FREE guide 7 Tips To Selling Property Fast by completing the contact form, just put Sell Fast Guide in What can we help you with?


Posted on February 28, 2018 at 4:42 pm by Agi Anderson, Digital Diva

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