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Planning to sell your Space Coast Property?

How will you know if your home has issues that may arise with a buyer’s home inspection? The guide explains how a Sellers Home Inspection will put you in a more powerful selling position, along with the all the the advantages of being move-in certified.

Regardless of the fact that an “As Is” contract states the seller is not required to remedy home inspection issues, buyers request repairs or credits after the home inspection.  Sellers often end up providing an over inflated credit to move forward with closing the transaction.

Homes listed with a Sellers Inspection tend to sell faster and with a stronger selling price.

Put yourself in a proactive position. Download my FREE GUIDE that explains the many advantages of getting your home Move-In Certified with a Sellers Home Inspection. Don’t forget, you will

Seller inspection

be reimbursed at closing for the cost of your seller’s home inspection.

Home Inspection for Sellers Reimbursed at Closing Get Seller Inspection Free Guide

My FREE GUIDE explains many advantages, along with how money is saved with a seller’s home inspection, at the time of listing.

Get immediate access to my FREE Guide at Get Seller Inspection Free Guide You will be surprised to discover the many advantages of making your home Move-In Certified, Including being reimbursed for the cost of the inspection at closing!


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